Urszula Kupis

Ursula Kupis- a highly experienced visual artist with a rich portfolio of works such as paintings, graphics, murals and last but not least reliefs.
Art has always been part of her life: despite other jobs, duties and responsibilities, she was always happy to find some time and indulge in a process of creation. After completing secondary school (computer programming stream) Ursula spent her year off college working in a bookshop and a small local publishing house. Then, in order to broaden her horizons she moved to Rzeszow to pursue Master of Arts in Sociology at the University of Rzeszow. Now she continue education on National College of Ireland in a Mobile Technology stream.
When asked about her thoughts related to her curriculum and art she responds:
” Even during the busiest times in my life I would always try and find opportunities to express myself through art. I believe, you see, that life is like a river-it will always find a way to keep going and reach its destination. And so, it gives you strength and carries you and lets you express your purpose and meaning in your very own way. People often ask me about making something for them, like paintings, murals, tattoo designs some gifts for friends. Many, many various things you know. I usually find it hard to say ‘no’ and always make sure I do my best because as the saying goes: ‘the piece of art lives longer than its creator’.”